Who is speed skater Sven Kramer dating? Sven and his GF are so adorable together

 Olivia Harvey


If you’ve been keeping up with the 2018 Winter Olympics (the Opening Ceremony was today, but the games started Wednesday), then you’re probably slowly becoming acquainted with all of the olympians. If you have yet to be introduced to seven-time Olympic medalist Sven Kramer, let us get you acquainted.

Kramer is a Dutch speed skater who made his Olympic debut in 2006 where he scored his first silver medal at only 19. Not only is he talented on the ice, but he’s also — ahem — very good looking. But before we had the chance to invite Kramer to family dinner and introduce him to Gramma, we found out that Kramer is dating fellow Olympian Naomi van As. Dang it!

We can’t be too mad about the love we never had because Kramer and Van As are a truly beautiful couple. Van As is a Dutch Olympic Field Hockey player who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Games. The Dutch team took home the gold medal in the 2012 field hockey women’s tournament.

Van As is currently at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics with Kramer to cheer him on as he goes for the gold.

Kramer and Van As have been going strong for years and often share photos from their adventures on Instagram. When they’re not training for championships and the Olympics, the two seemingly love to travel to tropical beaches, spend time with friends, and eat a lot of good food.


They’re #relationshipgoals, #adventuregoals, and honestly #lifegoals. Guys, can we come hang out with you?

And it should absolutely be noted that Kramer’s first Instagram post in 2013 was a photo of Van As. If that’s not painfully cute we don’t know what is.

If you two ever need a traveling/hang out buddy, we’ll be waiting by the phone!


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