This Syrian artist turns bullet casings into works of art


Abu Ali uses spent casings to make toys for children in Douma province and to keep Syrians’ suffering in the spotlight.

Abu Ali is an artist in Syria’s war-torn Douma province near the capital. He turns shell and bullet casings into toys for children, teaching them a new craft in the process.

“It’s really a catastrophe here and I make this art to draw the international community’s attention to the suffering of my people,” he says.

Abu Ali was an interior designer before the war, but he’s now jobless. His days are spent searching for art materials in the wreckage of his besieged hometown.

His first project was a candle holder, created as a sign of peace after the war claimed his daughter’s life.

TRT World’s Denee Savoia has more on the story.

Source: TRT World


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