Syrian chef raising money for Aleppo hospital


Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee the war in their country. Many have made the dangerous trip to Europe, but even if they do make it there’s no guarantee of a prosperous life.

Imad Alarnab says Imad Alarnab says “Especially at the beginning, last year when I first started here. It was an absolutely amazing feeling, finally I get to get back to a proper kitchen. I used to cook in Calais as well but it’s not the same. At least here I have my own kitchen,” (TRTWorld)

Imad Alarnab has gone from owning restaurants in Syria, to cooking in Calais’ camps as a refugee in kitchen.

He came to the UK as a refugee after a hard and arduous journey from Syria, which included crossing the sea into Greece and then traveling by road to France.

Quentin Maxwell Jackson, a customer at Imad's Syrian Kitchen says Quentin Maxwell Jackson, a customer at Imad’s Syrian Kitchen says “He is clearly a very talented chef. He has become a refugee from circumstances that he can’t control, but he’s a fantastic chef and I’m really enjoying the meal.” (TRTWorld)

From the limited number of Syrian refugees the UK has taken in, Imad is one of the few whose talents have been recognised.

However, there’s still millions of Syrians in refugee camps whose skills and experience could help enrich European countries.

But for now, Imad is fulfilling his passion as a chef, while still doing his bit for those left behind.

TRT World’s Assed Baig reports.

Source: TRT World


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