Tips for Promoting and Creating Content for Your Marijuana Website

By Dale Harris


Do you own a marijuana business? Digital marketing is the key to attract an online audience. Content is one of the most effective organic marketing methods.

Marijuana has become a professional industry, attracting recreational and medicinal users.

But how do you write about weed without sounding like a complete stoner? Fortunately, professional weed writers know how to appeal to the marijuana audience while writing in a professional tone.

But is a professional writer outside of your budget? There are ways you can prepare a marijuana content strategy.

Here are writing tips for marijuana websites. These are ideal for recreational marketing, medicinal marketing, and even both.

Use Local SEO for Your Marijuana Business

When devising your marketing strategy, what are your goals? If you want to attract more clients to your brick-and-mortar store, you want to concentrate on local SEO.

Local marijuana businesses often use paid ads and Google Maps for SEO. But creating locally-driven content is another easy way to market your marijuana websites.

When you write content, focus on local topics. Write a blog post about the benefits of purchasing marijuana from a dispensary in your town.

You can even write about local marijuana laws. This includes how to buy medical marijuana and if your state allows recreational use.

For optimum results, utilize guest posting.

Find other marijuana-based local businesses, such as marijuana doctors and marijuana growers. Write content on their blog and link back to your blog. Google will catch this collaboration and will boost SEO performance on your blog.

Always use your city and state in your title, SEO and metadata, and in keywords. Google will display your company when a user searches their location.

Write About Different Strains

All marijuana users are different. There are multiple strains created for various medicinal purposes. Even recreational users have their preference; some prefer sativa to remain focused while others use an indica for the sedative effects.

With marijuana becoming more widespread, growers develop specialized strains to appeal to a mass marijuana market. When marketing marijuana websites, don’t stop at your company. Promote your individual products to entice buyers.

You want to market several different marijuana strains, like this dispensary. If you’re a marijuana doctor, you want to market marijuana strains such as ones that relieve pain.

Not sure where to start? Devote an article to the best marijuana strains for certain conditions. Even if your dispensary doesn’t cater to a medicinal crowd, certain recreational users use marijuana to improve sleep or alleviate anxiety.

You can also devote a blog post to indicas and sativas, and list your bestselling strains. Want to increase your content marketing efforts? Always write blog posts dedicated to new strains and unique hybrids.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

Hey, marijuana gets you high. That’s enough of a benefit for most people. But there are plenty of marijuana users who indulge in marijuana for more than the high. Many marijuana users would also rather not get high.

Some members of the public may not understand the health benefits of marijuana. So writing about medical marijuana benefits is always vital.

This is ideal if you sell a product such as CBD oil. CBD’s cannabis receptors, CB2, are found in our immune system, brain, and stomach. CBD treats different ailments and symptoms, ranging from cancer symptoms to nausea.

Use CBD content to educate your website visitors and promote your CBD oil. If you also sell high-THC medical cannabis strains, discuss THC’s medicinal benefits.

Some experts argue you need to consume the whole plant to receive optimum benefits. Write about this topic and argue for or against it.

Do you have any incredible patient stories? Talk to them and write their story on your website. This will inspire website visitors and increase the chances of them visiting your dispensary.

Writing about medical marijuana benefits for marijuana websites is crucial. To destroy any negative cannabis views, marijuana companies need to reinforce marijuana’s medicinal properties.

Different Consumption Methods

The first time a new marijuana user walks into a dispensary, they’re probably confused.

You calmly discuss your pre-rolled deals for crazy-name strains such as “purple diesel” or discuss the THC percentage of your edibles. And your customer’s only response is a blank stare.

To prepare them for their first dispensary visit, write about the different consumption methods and their benefits.

Seasoned marijuana users know the difference between live resin and shatter. But a new marijuana user has no idea what either word means. Tailor a blog post about these different concentrates and extracts.

Each marijuana user has a consumption method of choice. There are plenty of inhalation methods, and each is so detailed that they deserve their own post.

Others prefer edibles; this topic alone can create multiple blog posts, such as the most delicious edibles, how long until you feel the effects and warnings of consuming too much.

Seasoned marijuana users usually use one or two consumption methods. You can write a blog post describing why marijuana users enjoy select methods and how new users can discover their consumption method of choice.

Buying from a Dispensary

Believe it or not, most marijuana users have no idea how to buy marijuana from a dispensary. Especially those who come from states where marijuana is still illegal, the world of recreational marijuana is still a mystery.

Different dispensaries may be overwhelming to an unfamiliar marijuana buyer. Write a blog post describing the ways your city handles marijuana sales. Include how it may differ from other cities, states, and countries.

Write Content for Your Marijuana Websites

For those who don’t excel at being a wordsmith, writing for your marijuana company can be difficult. But there are several different marijuana topics you can write.

You can write content for experienced marijuana users and devoted customers while attracting new marijuana users and new customers.

Content marketing provides more transparency and education for your customers while boosting brand exposure.


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