London police investigating terrorist incident on subway train, multiple riders injured


London Metropolitan Police are investigating a terror incident after what an eyewitness called a “minor explosion” took place on a subway train at the Parsons Green station at about 8:20 a.m. local time.

A British government official tells ABC News the incident is being treated as a terrorism event, but at this early stage appears to be an isolated incident. The source says there were multiple injuries, but no fatalities.

Martin Abams, an eyewitness who was on the train, told ABC News that there was a minor explosion, which caused predominantly minor facial and burn injuries. He said the train had just arrived at the station and the doors had just opened when the explosion happened.

“The tube had just pulled into the station, and as the doors were opening there was a loud explosion and ball of flame which moved along the corridor of the train just where I was,” Abams told ABC News. “I looked back and saw a bit of confusion with people rushing to get off the train. I saw a blue bag, with some smoke, and flames, which appeared to be coming out of the bag. I got off the train onto the platform. There were a number of people with singed hair and what appeared to be facial burns. I then went back onto the carriage to see if there were any casualties, but there were no casualties at all on the train. Everybody appeared to get off. There was nobody laying on the platform floor. I assessed that there were no serious casualties at that time.

“There was just the heat, the fireball and the noise, but no concussion as such.”

Metropolitan Police said on Twitter the incident was being treated as a terrorist incident, though they did not elaborate further.

London Ambulance said they were on the scene in West London with multiple resources, including ambulance crews, incident response officers and its hazardous response team. They said they were assessing the “level and nature of injuries.”

Abams said the situation was managed well by train operators and everyone remained relatively calm.

This is a breaking news story, please check back for updates.



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