5 Top Tips for Doing Business in India

Frank talk on mistakes outsiders make when attempting to enter this polyglot market.

First, realize there is no one “India.” This vast country is home to 23 official languages, six major religions, and 29 states, each with its own government.

And if you hear a “yes,” question and verify. You may be experiencing “Indian deference symdrome,” in which someone is telling you what they think you want to hear — rather than the truth.

These are just a few of the tips the India Business Initiative gleaned from our recent visit to Mumbai, where we interviewed a cross-section of business leaders to find out how to crack the huge, lucrative market. Interviews include:

  • Arif Padaria ’00, Founder and CEO, Faris Capital

  • Niyati Shah Bhatia ’09, Chapter Leader, Columbia Business School Alumni India

  • Keith Riberio, Consultant, Elrhino Eco Industries

  • Tarana Lalwani ’09, Principal, Seedfund

  • Vishal Bakshi ’00, Founder and Managing Partner, Avatar Growth Capital Partners

Source: chazen-global-insights


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