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Message to the OAS

Urgently needed:  An Organization of Democratic American States, ODAS

The Venezuelan tragedy continues marching towards civil war under the impotent eyes of the OAS. Yesterday a group of irresponsible governments: Nicaragua, Bolivia, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Vincent, voted against an OAS resolution on Venezuela. The governments of  Ecuador, El Salvador , Grenada, Dominican Republic, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and  Antigua and Barbuda abstained, which amounted to an effective act of blockage since a minimum of twenty three votes were needed to pass the resolution. The rest of the countries, twenty in total, representing 95% of the population in the region, voted against the Venezuelan narco-regime.

This inability to act against a failed state proves beyond any remaining doubt that the OAS has become an organization that violates systematically its own charter. Such an OAS does no longer serve any constructive purpose. Worse, it is now, openly, an organization that allows one of its member governments to kill, imprison and persecute innocent citizens with impunity. Those countries which abstained or voted against the resolution will have their hands full of the blood of citizens fighting for their freedom. These governments will forever be despised by Venezuelans fighting for democracy and by the immense majority of the peoples of the region. Such treason will never be forgotten.

If the region wants to be able to act in line with principles and values of freedom and democracy which are the reason for the existence of a valid regional organization, it should then move to abandon the current OAS and to create an ODAS, an Organization of Democratic American States, that can act in defense of democracy and freedom without the obstruction of cowardly and mercenary governments.

Only an Organization of Democratic American States effectively committed to defend democracy and freedom can be really representative of the peoples of the region. As it is today it includes an immiscible mixture of democratic governments and governments which only look to their own selfish interests, in violation of the principles that the organization pretends to defend. These mercenary governments have no role to play in a truly democratic organization and should form their own organization, the OAMS, the Organization of American Mercenary States, with headquarters in Havana or Caracas, one in which they can do all the violating of human rights they wish.

If what is taking place in Venezuela today is not enough to force the region to act, what is?




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