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The output of the felons

Ruben Dario Bustillos Ravago



In previous writings conclude with the thesis of Professor Evan Ellis, of the Institute of strategic studies of the “Army War College in United States”, who said: “What happens in Venezuela is not a matter of politics or international relations, but a blow for organized crime in large scale: a group of criminals has taken control of the State and assaulted its cash.”  And the article of the “Financial Times”, entitled: “The implosion of the Venezuelan thugocracy” which could be translated as: “The implosion of the Venezuelan hamponatocracia”, which summarizes the history of the Venezuela of the past 18 years and its consequences for political, economic and social.”

If as in effect we hold the theory that the Venezuelan crisis is caused by the kidnapping of the State by an organization International Organized Crime, could not expect a traditional political solution through a dialogue between the internal parts of the conflict, as Capos clinging to power as a lifeline are some. In such a way that we would have to conclude that the solution has two aspects namely: the national, understood as the desire of the majority by the change, expressed in the pressure of the people in the streets, and the international performed by the dictatorship of Cuba and the Governments of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador next to the large drug cartels as well as Arab terrorist Groups and Iranians who have a secure base of operations in our territory supported by large Colombian drug producers the FARC and the ELN.

Even though there is no doubt that the fight for independence and freedom, undertaken by the majority of the Venezuelan people, is a peaceful, civil and unarmed is not less true that the forces of repression by the GNB, the NPB, and the paramilitary groups armed and paid by the regime, are being reinforced by foreign agents, according to documented testimonies, they are Cuban, Bolivian, Syrian, Palestinian, Ecuadorian, Colombian, Nicaraguan nationality and other countries whose criminal gangs billionaires of drug trafficking benefit, directly and indirectly from the dismemberment of the country, its heritage and produce wealth.

Example of this are the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) Colombian who exert sovereignty over a large part of the border with the neighboring country Venezuelan territory and exploit the rich deposits of so-called Blue Gold (Coltan) and large reserves of gold, diamonds, uranium, etc., in the Venezuelan Amazon, while producing hundreds of tons of cocaine, which are supplied to the different drug cartels covered by members of the Venezuelan Army (FAN) and the civil government from the Vice Presidency to be placed in the international markets of USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. Not in vain, Venezuela is designated as the supplier of 80 percent of the cocaine consumed in the world.

In conclusion, the criminal band which have the control of the State and emptied its Treasury, encircled by the international authorities who refuse to receive them in their soil as asylum seekers for the enjoyment of the product of their misdeeds, have been in need of hiding behind the pseudo facade Communist, manipulating so all the gadgets and advantages offered them their accomplices embedded in the CNE and the TSJ to perpetuate itself in power with the complicity and support of a sector of the military force (FAN).

However, we cannot set aside that our country in the hands of the felony, has become a threat to the American continent in general, and the United States of America and Colombia republic in particular, who not be able to continue with its position of mere spectators to become activists for the final solution of this conflict that a few criminals use as hostage the entire Venezuelan population. Caracas, June 12, 2017., @rdbustillos.

  • The Cnel. (Ej.) Ruben Dario Bustillos Ravago, is Secretary of organization of the Institutional Military Front, FIM.



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