Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Superhero And Cartoon Characters Got Old, And Thor Is Too Cute


Being a superhero means never getting aged. No matter what universe you are in. Characters in the DC or Marvel universe are known for their perfectly young looks. And they seem to stay that way for a while. But just for a second, let’s imagine what would they look like if they aged? Of course, if they aged they wouldn’t be superheroes. But for once, we could skip that fact and have a little bit of fun.

Lesya Guseva from Russia has made this come through. She has created lovely but old images of our favorite superheroes. And almost everyone is on her list. She called her series “Pensioners” inspired from “Avengers” of Marvel universe. But in “Pensioners”, there are more retirement activities than exciting world-saving activities. Russian artist used the strongest and defining characteristics of these heroes and showed us an amazing new world.

1. Thor

Imagine Thor helping his grandson to build a birdhouse. Than hammer will sure become handy.

2. The Flash

The Flash can turn the retirement home into a mess with his speedy wheelchair.

3. Catwoman

What if Catwoman has turned into an old cat lady and celebrating her birthday. Look how happy she looks.

4. Supergirl And Wonder Woman

Superheroes have superhero friends. Look how well Supergirl and Wonder Woman gets along. They may be talking about good old days and how they saved the world.

5. Harley Quinn

Rough Harley Quinn doesn’t look that rough when she became a nanny. Who could ever imagine she would like this cute and old?

6. Joker

And Joker never left his habits and still continues his daily routines when he was a super-villain.

7. Deadpool

Even if he is old now, Deadpool never seems to quit fooling around. He is after some fun.

8. Ariel

Being a Disney princess means getting old with glamour. Just like Ariel.

9. Batman

Batman is also still dreaming of Joker and couldn’t sleep without his mask.

10. Spider-Man

It seems like Spider-Man got a new side job.

11. Snow White And Captain America

12. Genie And Doctor Strange

A match between Genie and Doctor Strange would worth seeing.

13. Iron Man

Iron Man knows how to use his money even when he is older.

14. Mickey And Minnie

15. Superman, Pocahontas, And Meeko

Surely, Superman changed his style and loves dancing with Disney characters Pocahontas and Meeko.


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