Is It Half Empty or Half Full? A Guide to the Best Menstrual Cups

by Dale Harris


The Diva, the Keeper, Luna

Sounds like the cast of a new hit reality show right?


While these names incorporate a certain kind of reality, it’s definitely not as glamorous as TV.

They help women deal with the daily reality of their periods.

They are the names of the best menstrual cups on the market and this guide will help you find your perfect fit.

To Measure or Not to Measure?

It’s a personal choice. Experts are divided on whether or not you physically need to measure your lady parts to find the best fit.

Most menstrual cups come with guidelines on finding the right size and shape for your body.

The majority of cups come in two sizes, small and large. Or size one and size two.

Some makers advise going by the amount of flow you expect while others use whether or not you’ve had a vaginal birth as their recommendation.

If you’re someone who likes to take a more clinical approach, you can always ask your gynecologist if you have a high, medium or low cervix. You can then use the information on your cervix’s position to determine what size cup will work best.

In the end finding the right fit may be a bit of trial and error.

Try reading some period cups reviews online to help you narrow down the best menstrual cups for you before you buy.

Finding the Right Firmness

Durable? Expansive? Medical-grade? Which level of firmness do you need in your reusable menstrual product?

Which level of firmness do you need in your reusable menstrual product? The answer is it depends on the strength and elasticity of your vaginal wall.

In order for the period cup to do its job, it has to be able to fully open once it’s placed inside.

A woman who regularly exercises may have stronger musculature and therefore needs a very firm menstrual cup to allow it to properly open after insertion.

Our recommendation for top-level firmness, the Diva Cup.

Whereas some women may find the medical-grade silicone to be too firm and be an uncomfortable fit.

For a lighter fit, try the Lunette Cup.

Much like traditional feminine products, the best menstrual cups should be easy to insert and take out while also keeping you and your clothing mess-free.

The other thing to note is your cup shouldn’t be painful to wear. In fact, you shouldn’t be able to feel the cup at all until it’s ready to be emptied.

The best menstrual cups come in a variety of firmness levels. Reviews and manufacturing product details are great sources to find each cups firmness level.

The Best Menstrual Cups are Easy to Care For

One of the biggest bonus of using a menstrual cup is you get to save money and the environment.

Most menstrual cups cost between $20 to $30 and rarely need to be replaced as long as they are washed and cleaned regularly.

Some companies suggest cleaning the cups with specialized washes but most agree this isn’t really necessary. Unscented soap or body wash and hot water will keep your cup germ-free.

For an extra dose of sanitation, users suggest boiling the cups but be careful as some cups aren’t made to withstand that hot of a temperature.

We recommend the MoonCup for easy cleaning.

Armed with how to find your perfect menstrual cup fit, now is the perfect time to join in this transformative shift in feminine hygiene!




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